Who We Are

The Scratch® Youth Messiah is an offshoot of Messiah from Scratch®, performed annually by The Really Big Chorus at the Royal Albert Hall since 1974. The parent company is Scratch Concerts Ltd,  run by a small team who mostly work from home so we don’t have a central office. You can find information about the company and its other concerts/events by following the link above, and you can view our Privacy Policy via the button below.

Your main contact will be Rose, our Youth Messiah administrator. After September, you will also hear from Annie (our Box Office Manager) who will send out your tickets, and Marianne (overall administrator of Scratch Concerts Ltd), who will ensure that you have all the information you need to have a safe, well-organised and enjoyable day. 



If you'd like to know how we use and store data, according to the GDPR regulations please see here.